Court of Two Oaks

Session 3- A River, A Rumple, and a Redoubt

The group sets out to find Vaygor and make him answer for his crimes, but is beset by an attack group sent to attack Kinfar. Defeating the skeletons and giant scorpion, the group presses on towards the lair of the Mold Drake, the dragon apparently under the control of Vaygor.

En route to the Mold Drake, the group found a woman walking into the water. As it happens, the woman turned out to be a kelpie that set a trap for the group, attacking along with an enslaved elasmosaurus. The group was victorious, and bound the kelpie to a contract that made the creature have to leave the region. The elasmosaurus was freed, but subsequently hurt, causing it to flee.

As the group forged on, they heard a drumming in the distance, and discovered that it belonged to a strange fey creature known as a Rumple. The creature was attempting to use its storytold slaves to ritually attune the area to the unseelie courts. Bound by honor and Kalindra’s duty to the seelie courts, the group outsmarted the Rumple, and took the node, re-attuning it to a seelie aspect. In addition, the rumple left a number of golden orbs that were then used to free a handful of the Rumple’s soul slaves.

The group repelled another attack by an Otyugh, apparently sent by Vaygor to stop the ritual, but were able to defeat it and keep the node intact. The next order of business would then be to attend to the freed soul slaves as they started to regain their sense.



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