Court of Two Oaks

Session 1- Mad Elk

Session 1-

The intrepid heroes set out, each with their own reasons to travel to the Spire Forest. Though once an important and sacred forest, it served as a conduit to a plane of nature. Now, it is slowly being corrupted, as is the conduit.

Each of the heroes in turn found a reason to venture deep within the forest to find the source of the withering, and each found at once the first clue. A mad elk, afflicted with a wasting disease, trampled into a clearing and towards them even as they saw each other emerge.

Destiny was with them from then on, as they defeated the elk, and agreed to work together, tracking the destruction caused by the elk. It led them to find a small fairy by the name of Karinda, and eventually to a hag and ogre that had caused some of the mayhem. A paladin had also been there to bring the monsters to task. The heroes all joined forces to bring the monsters to a swift and final justice.

Gathering their wits and clues, the newly formed group found a nearby town to find some rest. They also found the presence of a dark and evil fey creature known as Count Vaygor that taunted them, abducting the mayor, and daring them to come looking for him.

Now mired in the spire forest, the heroes arrived at the small halfling town simply known as Arville. Here they prepared to continue searching for the source of disease and destruction that was afflicting the forest.



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