Court of Two Oaks

Session 2- Black Swords and Green Dragons

Session 2-
At the town, they were confronted by a strange being known as Count Vaygor, who taunted them, and abducted the mayor before disappearing, and provoked the group into following him.

The group went quickly to find the mayor, finding a pixie in sorrow while en route to the troubled town leader. The pixie introduced herself as Karinda. She explained that she was in search of the Ruli, a Seelie princess, who is also held by Vaygor.

Once they continued on their route, they encountered a group of goat men that possessed a single black sword. The sword appeared capable of bringing a slow ruin to the forest, so the goat men were quickly dispatched, and the group pressed forward to find Vaygor and mayor Tompkins.

Finding an unseelie town by the name of Kinfar, the group quickly found the Dutchess Marda, the leader of Kinfar. After much deliberation, she discovered that she could help the group achieve their goal, and depose Vaygor.

Upon reaching an agreement, Mayor Tompkins was returned, apparently left with the Dutchess for safekeeping, and perhaps as bait to provoke a fight. The dutchess has promised a lot of money for the group if they can achieve their goal.

But just as they were given the sack that contained the Mayor, a green dragon soared overhead, and the sounds of battle filled the streets.



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